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PY909 intelligent digital PID regulator

PY909 intelligent digital PID regulator

Wuyue's PY909 series intelligent digital PID regulator was a new type of industrial automation controlling instrument researched by our company, this product adopted double deck 4 nixie tube to display actual pressure value and set point separately, also has alarm for upper and lower limit and output by relay contact, alarms come with constant voltage or constant current output, linear output analog quantity (like 4-20mA or 0-10V.0-5V) can be connected to PLC or other controllers. The system adopted automatically panel adjustment, that makes system calibration can be easily done by pressing one button.

Features: Photocoupler circuits, Soft ware anti-disturbance measure and Hardware process monitoring system are adopted to make the product work with high reliability and stability.



1 Display: double deck 4 nixie tubes

2 Interior resolutions: 32000

3 External resolution: 0.01MPa,0.02MPa,0.05MPa(setting data can be saved in case of power-off for more than 40 years when switching panel.)

4 Nonlinear: 0.02%±1, 0.05%±1

5 Range of setting alarm: 0~99.99MPa

6 Rated value of relay: 250VAC AC

7 Working condition: 10~+55°C, 80%RH

8 Continue working: long time

9 Mounting size: 90×90×110mm