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PT2619B high temperature melt pressure transmitter

PT2619B high temperature melt pressure transmitter

Wuyue's PT2619B series high accuracy pressure transmitters apply to measurements which requires accurate datas.this product adopted special materials and allayed elasticity diaphragm to lower the combined error. Products are applied to measure and control the pressure as well as temperature of those high temperature fluid medium of extruders for such as fiber, polyester, rubber, plastics.

Feature: High accuracy, Sealed with stainless steel, Easy installment, Good stability. Calibration on both zero and span, Amplified signal can be directly input in PLC.High performance of anti-interference.



Pressure ranges:0-5 to 0-200MPa

Accuracy: < ±0.5% FS  

Signal output:0~5V; 0~10V; 4-20mA

Working voltage:24VDC (12~36)VDC

Electrical  Connector:6pin common connector

Process connection: flange, other type on request

Temperature resistance of diaphragm:300°C

Overload pressure:1.5*FS 

Wuyue's melt pressure transmitter got CE Approved