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PT4624 high temperature melt pressure transmitter




PT4624high temperature melt pressure transmitter

Wuyue's PT4624 series high temperature melt pressure transmitters are amplified output melt pressure transmitters with flexible stem . All models interface directly with distributed control systems, PLCs, computers and similar high level control devices.the PT4624 Series transmitter is a +/- 0.5% sensor ideal for general melt pressure measurements requiring simple installation, repeatability and reliability.

Features:Reliable pressure measurement ,Anticorrosion and wear resistance coating extends its service life by more than 5 times


·         Pressure ranges: any scale from 0-200MPa

·         Accuracy:< ±0.5% FS

·         Signal output:• 4 to 20 mA, 0 to 5 Vdc, 1 to 6 Vdc,0 to10 Vdc, 1 to 11 Vdc 

·         Working voltage:14 to 36VDC

·         Calibration:80%FSO+1%  high temperature melt pressure transmitter

·         Maximum temperature resistance of diaphragm:400°C

·         Electrical Connector: special 6pin or 7pin connector

·         Standard threading: 1/2-20UNF, M14x1.5, M22*1.5,M18*1.5 ;other versions on request

·         Wuyue's melt pressure transmitter got CE Approved