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PT492high temperature melt pressure transducer

PT492 high temperature melt pressure transdcuer

Wuyue's PT492 series melt pressure transducers ideal for melt pressure applications requiring simple installation, repeatability and reliability. The PT492 series are applied to measure and control the pressure as well as temperature of those high temperature fluid medium of extruders for such as fiber, polyester, rubber, plastics.The PT492 transducers provide the industry standard 3.33 mV/V signal designed to work with most pressure indicators. Optional thermocouple or RTD configurations are available to provide melt temperature.  

Features: Rigid rod, Metal hose for isolation, Anticorrosion and wear resistance coating extends its service life by more than 5times.


·         Pressure ranges: 0-10Mpa,0-20Mpa,0-35Mpa,0-70Mpa,

·         Accuracy:< ±1% FS

·         Signal output:1.5mv/v,2.0mV/V,3.3mV/V

·         Working voltage:10VDC(6--12VDC)

·         Calibration:80%FSO+1%

·         Temperature resistance of probe:400°C

·         Overload pressure:1.5*FS  high temperature melt pressure transdcuer

·         Combined error: ≤0.30Mpa/100°C

·         Connector: common 5pin connector

·         Standard threading: 1/2-20UNF, M14x1.5, M22*1.5,G3/4 ;other versions on request

·         Wuyue's PT492 melt pressure transducer got CE Approved