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PT131-2 high temperature melt pressure transmitter

wuyue transdmitter


PT131-2 melt pressure transmitter

Feature and usage:

PT131-2 melt pressure temperature transmitter’s feature and applicationrigidity pole, hose isolation, diaphragm constructiongood stability and accuracyimplicated inpolyester, rubber modeling and other machines. It’s used in measuring and controlling the melt flow medium.

Main technical parameter:

range0~5~200MPa ,complex accuracy0.5%FS 1%FS output signal1.5mV/V 2mV/V 3.33mV/V voltage supply10VDC temperature modelKE PT100 temperature of diaphragm450℃ electric connectionfive core inserter and 5 pin with 2 core temperature inserter. screw threadM14×1.5 M18×1.5 M22×1.5special design.

Technical parameter:

Mainly used in plastic modeling, fiber, petrifaction and other special condition’s pressure measurement. Coordinating to our PW series smart digital pressure meter, it can simultaneously measure and control, transmitter series adopt 24V current electric. Standard output signal in order to let computer collect. The series is my company which only usesUnited Statestechnology in diaphragm and thread the attachment of various fluoride diaphragm of special coatings and coating for high temperature melt sensor transmitters. So it has a longer working time.