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PT160, directing pressure gauge

melt pressure gauge.jpg

Product name

PT160, directing pressure gauge

characteristics and use good temperature resistance, mechanical pressure value indicated. Fully and Germany coaches Maag, United States Dynisco, and Italy GEFRAN, and Japan RKC equivalent imported products within SWAps. Shall for rubber and plastics, chemical fiber extrusion pressure measurement and control of machinery and other equipment!

Series technical data

measuring range: 0~5MPa~200MPa

total accuracy: 1%FS1.5%FS

sensing diaphragm temperature resistance: up to 400 ° c

housing material: 316L screw flange or standard: M12x1.5,M14x1.5,M18x1.5,M22x1.5, one-second in-20 tooth, threaded interfaces can be designed according to customer's requirements or processing